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COMING in 2020

                    The Heart Cutters by Elizabeth Stone O'Neill

                           A novel about the confrontation between the                         
                           Aztecs & the Spaniards with an unexpected twist!

                    Four Marys, A Novel by Elizabeth Stone O'Neill

                            A coming-of-age story about four Mexican-American

                           girls, growing up in the Central Valley of California in the

                            1960s.  Struggling between the expectations of their

                           immigrant families and the American world before them, 

                           how will they navigate the pressures of poverty, school, sex

                           and selfhood, and how will they face the future?  It's got it

                          all! One more moving saga in the ever-growing literature

                         about America, Nation of Immigrants.



                    Clever Linnaea and her Uppity Paintbrush